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Fee Only Financial Advisor

ElevenTwo Fund Management is a Georgia based, holistic, fee only Financial Planning firm, with offices in Marietta, Rome, and Saint Simons.We work with pre-retirees and retirees in over 16 states.

Our fee only Financial Adivsors act as fiduciaries to our clients, meaning that we put our clients interest above all others. We do not push any financial products that will pay us a commission.

If you’re like most people, you have several pieces of your financial plan in place – you pay taxes, invest in the market, have some insurance, and maybe have an estate and retirement plan. However, it’s likely that each of these pieces was developed independently and at different times in your life. It’s also likely that you’ve never had all of the pieces reviewed by someone who wasn’t trying to sell you something. Is it any surprise that you wonder whether you’re on the right path and making the best possible progress?

Do you have a dietician or butcher, as your financial advisor?

Our Fee Only Financial Services Include:

Investment Planning

Please check out the track record of our small cap stock management. We also offer peer to peer lending advice and management. These are only 2 unique investment strategies we have to go along with our traditional, well-diversified, low cost ETF/Mutual Fund portfolios.

Money Management

Insurance planning

(Medicare, life, disability, health, long term care) – Most people only get advice about insurance from someone trying to sell it to them. For most of our clients, the Insurance Review Appointment is the first time they have received a comprehensive, objective review of their risk exposures and insurance coverage.

Fee Only Financial AdvisorAND DON’T OUTLIVE IT EITHER

Record Keeping and Cash Flow

Many people waste a lot of time and money by not having a good record keeping system. When I first start working with people they can always tell me how much they make, but rarely how much they spend.

Tax Planning

A proactive approach recommended in plain English to reduce your income tax bill every year.

Tax Preparation

Estate Planning

While we are not attorneys and do not practice law, an integral part of any financial plan is reviewing your estate plan. We want to help you be sure your assets will be passed to your heirs and beneficiaries as you desire and with as little cost and complexity as possible.

Goals Visualization

Goals Visualization is a major turning point for many of my clients. Fantasies are turned into reality as a result of applying numbers and time lines to your dreams. An additional purpose of the Goals Visualization Appointment is to be sure that we, as your advisors, understand your priorities. It is sometimes easy for us to fall into the trap of imposing our priorities onto clients, or to assume we understand your goals. This appointment helps us focus on what is truly important to you.